Orgone Watch Harmoniser


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A great product, the Orgone Watch Harmoniser is designed to neutralise the noxious radiation emissions from all types of mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, laptops, iPads and iPods.

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About the Orgone Watch Harmoniser

The Watch Harmoniser has been developed as an energy balancing tool for use on the back of wrist watches, smart watches, wireless trackers and wrist worn GPS units.

Having a watch in contact with the skin may interfere with meridian energy, the nervous system and may also create resonant stress in other organs in the body.

Metal backs of watches naturally produce a weak positive charge which may not be in harmony with the human body.

With the new introduction of smart phone technology as a wrist watch, the radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation produced by such devices may also create energetic imbalances in the body far greater than a watch without the mobile phone capabilities.  It may also cause physical discomfort to people who may be sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, especially those people who may suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

How does the Watch Harmoniser balance potentially harmful energies produced by wrist watches?

The Watch harmoniser is energetically infused with a negative charge resonance process during the manufacturing of the product (patent pending).  The infusion protocols used, unique to Orgone Effects Australia, are similar to that used for the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser and other products.  The permanent negative charge infusion resonance of the Watch Harmoniser, when attached to the back of the watch, may balance the potentially harmful positive charge resonance of the metal backing and the electromagnetic radiation of Smart Watches.  This change in resonance to a negative charge may then neutralise any interference with meridians, nervous system and prevent resonant stress on human organs.


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