EMR What’s the Deal?

Why should we consider protecting ourselves and our children from Microwave, Magnetic and Electrical Radiation exposure? What’s the Deal?

Basically, when the body is at rest during the night, this is the time when it carries out all of its’ repair (healing) work. However, when the body is exposed to magnetic, electrical, or especially, microwave radiation from all things wireless – DECT phones, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Mobile Phones, Masts, Wireless Hubs/Routers and the like – the body, on a biophysical (energy) level, has to produce the ‘counter oscillations’ (mirror-image) of the frequencies it is being bombarded with.

This, in simple terms, means that the body is constantly having to expend valuable energy neutralising these frequencies. When this happens, energy that could otherwise be used in the body’s natural repair process – homeostasis – is completely wasted elsewhere.

This means that essential repair and healing processes may not be carried out by the body, or carried out fully. Thus, leaving the natural and protective process of homeostasis compromised.

Over time, this means that something has to eventually give! In this case, what ‘gives’, is the biophysical and biological health of the body, because the normal repair and healing processes of the body have become compromised. If this exposure is not reduced or stopped, then eventually this may lead to what we know as illness and disease.