Exercise Pack


Bundle & Save with this pack designed for those who live an active lifestyle. Balance noxious energy created by 5G, EMR, EMF, Radio Frequency, WiFi and Earth Radiation.

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Exercise Pack

For customers wondering which products are effective and convenient for exercise.

Watch and Personal Tracker Harmoniser

The Watch and Personal Tracker Harmoniser is designed to neutralise harmful EMR emitted from all small electronic devices such as Wrist Watches, Smart Watches, Sports Watches, Activity Trackers, Junior Trackers, Kids’ Fitness Trackers, Wireless Sports Headphones, GPS units, Bluetooth earpieces, Hearing Aids and PC mouse.

Many people don’t realise that having an electronic device/watch in direct contact with the skin may create resonant stress on human organs, meridian pathways and the nervous system.


The Ener-Band creates a harmonising field of negative charge around your body that may support and balance the human energy fields and meridians, neutralising the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation fields.

Ener-Yoga Mat Patch
Support your yoga practice and create an EMF free yoga space.

The Ener-Yoga Mat Patch has undergone an Ionic infusion process unique to Orgone Effects® that enables the patch to act as an Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) space clearing harmoniser, covering an area approximately the size of an average yoga studio holding up to 40 people.

This pack would normally retail at $110.00.  With your discount, you will only pay $90.00.

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