Geopathic Stress – What is it?

Geopathic Stress (GS) is a term used for the presence of unhealthy earth energies that are present in all living spaces. What exactly is Geopathic Stress?

From our extensive research, we have come to the following general and simple conclusion. Geopathic Stress is the imbalance of Positive Ion fields that are present in many different forms in a given space.

Positive Ion fields are depleted in oxygen levels and when life forms are subjected to the cell growth is negatively affected by this deprived level of oxygen.  This eventually leads to unhealthy cell growth which compromises the body’s immune system, leading to varying ailments such as tumours, cancers, and leukaemia on the extreme scale. Then in a more subtle manner brain chemistry imbalances, manifesting in our serotonin and melatonin levels become depleted, thus creating a feeling of mental instability, varying from mild to high levels of anxiety and depression.

We need to live in a Negative Ion balance, which maintains healthy oxygen levels, promoting healthy cell growth, healthy states of mind and overall well-being. GS traditionally referred to Positive Ion fields created by noxious frequencies from underground flowing water and earth magnetic grid lines, seismic fault lines.  However in the 21st Century with modern electromagnetic and WIFI technology, sewer and grey water pipes that run through and under our living spaces and a much greater understanding of paranormal effects, GS issues have now become a more complex problem.

So if we were to categorise the different aspects of GS they would be:

  • Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
  • Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), radio frequency and microwaves
  • Underground flowing water
  • Sewer and grey water pipes and systems
  • Faultlines
  • WIFI fields and beams
  • Personal and paranormal imprints and geomagnetic lines
  • Mould and Fungal Growth in wet areas and under carpets and floorboards
  • HAARP and Personal Beams

Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Earth magnetic grid lines are known as standing waves of electromagnetic energy, emanating from the ground upwards to greater heights.  Often referred to as Hartman, Curry, Benker, Cathie and 400-metre grids.  All of which vary from around 300mm as with the Hartman grid, to 4 metres wide as with the 400-metre grid.

Electromagnetic Radiation

EMR is a strong source of dangerous Positive Ion produced by our electrical systems and appliances.  Some appliances create very strong and large electromagnetic fields such as washing machines, fridges, and multi-point power boards.

EMR is measured in milligaus, determined by a sensitive measurement instrument. In countries where the governments are concerned with the well-being of the people and the effect of EMR on their health, milligaus readings from electrical systems have guidelines to ensure that people are not exposed to readings of 4 milligaus maximum. As it is known that EMR readings of above 4 milligaus have been known to cause childhood leukaemia and cancer in adults. There is also scientific evidence that high exposure to EMR with women can cause a dramatic drop in melatonin levels and a link to breast cancer.

Underground Flowing Water, Sewer, and Grey Water

Underground flowing, or water veins and water flowing through pipes under our living spaces is another source of dangerous Positive Ions.  Water veins resonate at around 13 hertz and create a noxious energy field to around 1500mm above the ground.  Cats love to sit above water veins because the veins are around 2 degrees warmer than the ground either side of them.  Sewer and grey water create a noxious energy field due to the resonant cavity effect of the water and waste travelling along the pipes.

Seismic Fault Lines

Fault lines create Positive Ion fields above ground level in varying widths and directions.  Often they contain the memories and energies of emotional trauma associated with massacres, as experienced by the Australian Aboriginals in the 19th and early 20th Century.  Geomancers and spirit workers with knowledge of how to clear the emotional imprinting within the fault lines are able to easily clear the noxious energies from fault lines.

WIFI Fields and Beams

Wireless communications of varying types such as mobile phones, wireless internet, local wireless modems and routers, and even baby monitors all create a strong Positive Ion beams which link from device to device and to transmission towers.  Should any of these beams penetrate a person they can create a feeling of nausea, mental instability, and a greatly compromised immune system.

Paranormal Interferences

Imprints from the event of the death of a person and subsequent Spirit Lines create Positive Ion fields.  Once someone has passed away, the actual place of transition after the body has been removed, a death imprint is left, with a subsequent spirit line that may emanate in the north, south, or east-west directions.  Should the person who has passed become stuck on the earth plane as an Ethereal Being then that spirit of the person is bound to the imprint and spirit line.

The danger is when someone spends time over such energy fields, then the Spirit has an opportunity to ‘infect’ the person’s various charkas as an attachment.  Here the person who has been attached to can show traits of personality and ailments of the spirit when they were alive.  Here again, a trained Geomancer or spirit worker is able to clear the noxious energy imprints and help the Ethereal Being move to a higher plane (or use a Geoclense Harmoniser).

Mould and Fungus

Mould and Fungal growth both create strong Positive Ion fields.  We often find mould growing under floorboards; under old carpets that have been exposed to spillages or from steam cleaning; naturally in old poorly ventilated bathrooms and laundries.  The resonance created by this can totally overcome the energies of a given space and can be a greater danger than EMR from electrical appliances and wiring should you be sensitive to it.  The symptoms generally are respiratory complaints and mental instability.

New Noxious Energies of the 21st Century

Because we are constantly researching exactly WHAT is affecting our well-being and since wireless technology has become another one of our greater noxious energy influences, we decided to start looking very closely at what else is impacting us from above, so to speak.  What we found was alarming: another 2 types of energy beams which we describe as HAARP Beams and Personal Beams, and the realisation that Digital TV’s create a dangerous energy beam directly in front of the screen for up to 400 metres.  These new noxious energies can be far more dangerous than Electromagnetic Radiation fields created by electrical wiring and appliances.


These beams we believe are a by-product of the military ‘Over the Horizon Radar Systems’, which are scattered around the world.  Their purpose is to be able to see incoming missiles before they come over the horizon during times of conflict.  However, the operation of HAARP creates an intense Radio Frequency Beam of around 300mm in diameter which impacts the Earth every 5 metres square to North, coming in at an angle of around 45 degrees to the ground.  These beams are extremely dangerous to our health as we see so many people with systemic health issues in the body which correspond to exactly where these beams impact their bodies when they are sleeping.  We believe that the HAARP Beams have only been around for the last 6 years.

Personal Beams

Personal Beams tend to be abundant wherever you find people sleeping or where they sit for prolonged periods of time.  They come vertically up out of the ground, and in the case of sleeping arrangements, run across the neck.  When sitting, either directly through the chest, or along the length of a couch.  They then stop 3 to 5 metres beyond the person ‘target’.

The Personal Beams are similar to the HAARP beams in size of around 300mm in diameter; however, we believe them to be similar to a microwave beam.  This is how some of our research team who have the ability to ‘see’ energies perceive them.  Again, we see many people who have systemic health issues from exposure to these beams, especially around the neck and chest as a result of being impacted by them while sleeping. Another interesting complaint is being drained of energy while working on a computer, where the assumption is that the EMR from the PC screen, box, and electrical power board.  However, the real energy drain can be the Personal Beam impacting their chest while sitting in front of the PC.

Digital TV

Digital TV’s create a dangerous noxious energy beam for up to 400 metres in front of the screen, the size of the actual screen.  The beam penetrates all matter so if you are sleeping in a room and your bed is in the direct path of the TV beam, you will also be affected.  This also applies if your neighbours’ Digital TV’s are facing your living spaces, you will be directly affected by the noxious energy beam.  Many people have reported that since they’ve started to view Digital TV, feel nauseous, have headaches, drowsiness and feel lethargic.