Mobile Phone Safety

The following article has been provided with permission by author Gerard Bini, Orgone Effects Australia Founder

More and more people are waking up to the potential hazards of mobile phones to our health. Most of us have become more and more aware of the last 20 years, that the radiation hazards when using a mobile phone may carry associated risks. To help understand, just imagine that when a mobile phone is in use it produces a Radio Frequency; a charged field (Positive Charge) around the phone about the size of a basketball.

The first attempts at mobile phone harmonisers about 20 years ago where very different to what’s available now. However, they were very popular with health practitioners who were very aware of the potential danger and even back then were using meridian testing to show EMF stress on their clients. This work was ahead of its time, and pre-dated the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) publishing their first findings on the dangers of EMF exposure. The development of technology and the introduction of Smartphones made it necessary to alter the design and technology of harmonisers to accommodate the newer streamline phones and cases and this had led Orgone Effects Australia to develop the flat wafer style phone harmoniser’s available today.

Health Practitioners love the Orgone products as they can be successfully tested using medical practices. Kinesiologists can test their effectiveness by undertaking a Kinesiology meridian audit. Additionally, Bioresonace equipment testing carried out showed that the phone harmonisers prevented EMF stress on the Chinese meridians. Thermal imagery of a person using a mobile phone to the head also showed the reduction of thermal effect from EMF by using the mobile phone harmoniser.

Gerard uses his many years working in this industry and his Geomancy & Intuitive Building Biology training to share some interesting facts about EMF and mobiles and some interesting insights about the planet’s No. 1 communication device.

Many people believe they are safe from their phone if they aren’t using it or if it’s not connected to WiFi. The phone contains an electronic circuit, so even if you aren’t making a call or connected to WiFi it is still producing a Positive Charge, and therefore as soon as you touch the phone you are under EMF stress. The same applies to Smart Watches etc. These have the potential to block the central meridian and, in some cases, may cause EMF stress on the thyroid. The Orgone Mobile Phone Harmonisers and Watch Harmonisers work by neutralising the Positive Charge with a Negative Charge frequency so that when you touch the phone you are not under EMF stress. Click here to find out more about the products.

Bluetooth ear pods are becoming more and more popular. These work by sending a beam of energy to the ear pods which may put the ears and brain under EMF stress. This energy beam also has a Positive Charge even if the phone is outside the charged field. By popping an Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser on to the phone it will neutralise the beam to the ear pods, thus also harmonising the ear pods.

If you use wired headphones and have your phone as far away from you as possible and not touching any part of the body still has the potential to cause EMF stress to the ears and brain. Air tube headphones are claimed to be less harmful than using wired earphones. However, the air tube component is what Gerard calls a resonant cavity and this still amplifies the charge to the ears and brain.

Noxious energy emitting from a mobile phone may cause ‘Hot Head Syndrome’ when talking for a prolonged period. The most frequent complimentary feedback customers give is the relief from the discomfort they once felt when talking on their mobile phone.

The best way to protect yourself is to use a Mobile Phone Harmoniser on your phone and portable devices.