Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser


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A great product, the Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser is designed to neutralise the noxious radiation emissions from all types of mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, laptops, iPads and iPods.

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About the Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser

Orgone Mobile Phone Harmonisers are a great way to protect you from your portable devices while away from the home (for protection within the home please refer to the Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser).  The Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser is designed to neutralise the noxious radiation emissions from:

  • All types of mobile phones including iPhones etc.
  • Wi-Fi systems/routers
  • Computers and laptops
  • Cordless phones
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • GPS
  • Baby Monitors

Our health is affected by the noxious energy beam that is transmitted between the mobile phone, laptop and Wi-Fi system to the communication tower or modem.  The danger is heightened if you are positioned in the direct path of the energy beam communicating between the phone/laptop or Wi-Fi and the tower or modem.  This noxious energy beam penetrates the cells around your head and body, thus affecting your wellbeing.

The Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser can also reduce hot head syndrome experienced while talking on a mobile phone for a prolonged period of time.  Some people report getting a painful sensation in their ear canal while on the phone and in extreme cases suffer headaches.  Most of us carry our mobile phones in our breast or hip pocket or in our handbag.  Many mums carry their phone in close proximity to babies and children.  (For more information on mobile phones and children, please refer to the “Did you Know?” section).

By placing an Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser inside your phone on the battery, or on the back of an iPhone or similar, you are protecting yourself and your children from noxious energy for up to 10 metres.  This means that while you are out and about you are also protected from other mobile phones and electronic devices that you come into contact with in that 10 metre radius.

So for those people that spend much of their day on the phone, from business people to teenagers, this can only be a positive step in caring for their health.


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