Family Pack 4


This is the super dooper pack that allows all family members to benefit from these amazing products designed to balance noxious, unhealthy energy created by all forms of 5G, EMR, EMF, Radio Frequency, WiFi and Earth Radiation to a healthier resonance.

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Family Pack 4

This pack goes even further and offers more comprehensive protection for you and your family.  In this pack you will receive:

1 x Geoclense® Home Harmoniser
2 x Stellar Domes
10 x Mobile Phone Harmonisers
2 x Car Harmonisers
5 x Stellar Pendants
5 x Watch Harmonisers
1 x Large Energy Plate
1 x Small Energy Plate
1 x Stellar Cabin Disk
2 x Ener-soles

In this pack you receive 1 x Geoclense® Home Harmoniser, 2 x Stellar Domes (one for home to compliment the Home Harmoniser and one for office), plus 10 x Phone Harmonisers (ideal for all mobile phones and mobile devices such as Laptops, iPads & Tablets, iPods etc) and 2 x Car Harmonisers. Plus 5 x Stellar Pendants for all family members, 5 x Watch Harmonisers (suitable for Apple watches, FitBits, smart watch etc), 1 x Large and 1 x Small Energy Plate, 1 x Stellar Cabin Disk for when you travel and 2 x Ener-soles. For more information on these products please view the individual product pages.

This pack would normally retail at $1787.50.  With your discount you will only pay $1,450.00.

Additional information

Plug Type

Australia/New Zealand, Europe, India, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA

Geoclense Colour

Green, Gold (White), Violet Flame

Dome 1 Colour

Green, Gold, Pink, Violet Flame, Ruby, Blue

Dome 2 Colour

Green, Gold, Pink, Violet Flame, Ruby, Blue

Energy Plate Colour

Blue, Purple, Green, Orange

Pendant Colour 1

Gold, Violet Flame

Pendant Colour 2

Gold, Violet Flame

Pendant Colour 3

Gold, Violet Flame

Pendant Colour 4

Gold, Violet Flame

Pendant Colour 5

Gold, Violet Flame


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