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If you spend time each day travelling to and from work on buses and trains or you are required to hop on a plane regularly, you can now do so whilst protecting yourself from the noxious Positive Ions that we are surrounded by on these modes of transport. Take the stress off your body and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, happier and reduce the feeling of nausea and jet lag.

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About Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk

Balancing the noxious energies while travelling. The Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk harmonises the noxious positive charge energies experienced in an aircraft cabin to a healthy negative charge. Protecting people who travel frequently to breathe easier and feel fresher for longer, without the air travel sickness and jet lag symptoms that many experience when traveling on a plane.The Stellar Cabin Disk for use in aircraft while traveling is now more powerful with its radiant effect now built-in, creating an even better aircraft cabin energetic environment, and better for you in those chaotic and frantic airport terminal buildings.

So many people today hop on and off planes interstate and overseas or travel on buses and trains to work every day.  This device is perfect for flight crews and attendants, business people and fly-in fly-out employees.   When we travel on planes, buses, trains etc, we are exposed to huge amounts of Positive Ions.  The Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk converts the noxious Positive Ion energies experienced in an aircraft cabin for example, to healthy Negative Ion.

The Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk is 6.5cm in diameter and can easily pop into your carry-on luggage, laptop bag or handbag. If in a building it will cover a distance of approximately 40sq metres and if in a plane it will harmonise the whole aircraft, even a jumbo jet!

Due to the very close proximity to other passengers, the Stellar Cabin Disk may also aid in neutralising the positive charge of human-generated emotional or physical illness and distress that nearby passengers may be experiencing. Your fellow travellers will also benefit from this great device.  The overwhelming stress on your body, organs and energy field will be lifted which will allow you to breath easier, feel fresher longer and reduce air sickness.

Did you know that an Aircraft cabin may have the same amount of energy-depleting positive charge that an electrical sub-station could have?  This is one reason why passengers may feel various uncomfortable symptoms while in the air and after flying.

During the development of the Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk, product field testing using Body Bio-feedback found that all stress on the nervous and meridian system was completely removed, and the Negative Ion resonance enabled the passengers to experience a very relaxed and nausea free flight.

Only one Stellar Cabin Disk Harmoniser is required to potentially harmonise an entire aircraft cabin.

No need to worry about airport security. The Stellar Cabin Disk is Airport security friendly. It utilises the unique Orgonium ® Resonance technology (Patent Pending) where the disk is “see through”, thus not allowing an impression that it may be hiding something.

If you travel on light aircraft, or on buses, trains, or are out in public spaces such as shopping centres, hospitals, Government Buildings or near electrical sub stations or power lines, the Orgone Stellar Cabin Disk is suitable for all uses.



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