Starter Pack


This pack provides the basics to start protecting you and your family from the Positive Charge emitted from 5G/EMR/EMF and earth radiation.

Australian fitting available for immediate shipment.

Overseas fitting may have delay of 24-48hrs.



Starter Pack

This entry level pack provides the basics to protect your family.  In this pack you will receive:

1 x Geoclense® Home Harmoniser
2 x Mobile Phone Harmonisers

The Geoclense® Home Harmoniser will harmonise the home environment 5G/EMR/EMF and noxious earth radiation. The Phone Harmonisers are perfect for all mobile phones and mobile devices such as Laptops, iPads & Tablets, iPods etc. For more information on these products please view the individual product pages.

This pack would normally retail at $253.00.  With your discount you will pay only $215.00.

Additional information

Plug Type

Australia/New Zealand, Europe, India, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA

Geoclense Colour

White, Green


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