Orgone Baby Bottle



The 180ml Baby Bottle Baby is BPA Free. The energetic qualities the Orgone Babies Bottles reduces the surface tension of liquids which enables better cell penetration and hydration, allowing milk, water and other liquids to deliver more vital nutrients at deeper levels. The Orgone energising process takes place within a minute or two from liquids being placed inside the bottle.

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About the Orgone Baby Bottle

The Orgone Baby Bottle has been energised with healthy Negative Ions which neutralises toxic ingredients and bacteria found in liquids, making them safer for consumption. These Orgone Baby Bottles are bisphenol-a (BPa) free baby bottles made from polycarbonate which do not leach chemicals and are safe for consuming liquids.

Orgone Baby Bottles improve the taste, absorption and availability of nutrients from liquids significantly.  At the same time, the Orgone Baby Bottles may soothe and energise your baby’s internal organs which may help to increase overall energy levels, nutrition absorption, hydration and well-being.

The Orgone Energy process takes place in around one minute for any drinks placed into these BPA free Baby Bottles.


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