Orgone 6 Pin Powerboard Harmoniser

6-Pin Powerboard

Orgone 6 Pin Powerboard Harmoniser
Using the same technology as the Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser, the Powerboard is great for anyone who has limited power points in their home.

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About the Orgone 6 Pin Powerboard Harmoniser

The Geoclense 6-Pin Powerboard is based on the same technology as the Home Harmoniser and is ideal for people who have limited power points in their home.

The solution for providing a healthy environment in the home, workplace and while travelling.

The aim of the Geoclense is to create an environment free from noxious unhealthy energy that is naturally created when there is current passing through the electrical circuit, otherwise known as Electromagnetic Radiation.  The Geoclense is a Negative Ion Generator which harmonises the Positive Ion emitted from the many devices we are surrounded by.

When there is Geopathic Stress in a building the body’s nervous system is put under stress and oxygen levels are depleted.  The danger with this is that it can lead to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system which could develop into illness.

To counteract these effects, the Geoclense harmonises the noxious Positive Ion component of EMR into Negative Ions and other sources of noxious energy are removed, and oxygen/photon levels are corrected.  Within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer and the wellbeing of the occupants restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment.  Schools, hospitals and aged care facilities and the like, would benefit from the healtheir energy offered by the Geoclense.

Many people ask if the Geoclense is the same as having a Himalayan Salt Lamp or traditional needle type Negative Ion Generators.  The fact is that these devices create a very small Negative Ion field compared to the Geoclense which is infinitely superior in performance and creates a Negative Ion field to cover your whole property.

Some people have reported experiencing lethargy, nausea and headaches when they are near their Digital TV screen.  New research shows how Digital TV’s create an Electromagnetic Field up to 200 metres, and in some cases measured to 400 metres in front of the screen!  This means that if you are sitting directly in front of your TV screen or your bed is in its direct path, you are being affected by this highly noxious energy.  Also  your property and living spaces may be affected by your neighbours Digital TV, should their TV be facing your property.

Geoclense has the ability to harmonise other sources of Positive Ion fields in and around your home such as:

  • Electromagnetic radiation form electrical appliances, wiring and power lines with Geoclense installed.
  • Underground water veins.
  • Sewer and grey water pipes. (Any water in a contained pipe/space creates a noxious Positive Ion resonance).
  • Fluorescent lighting.
  • Fault lines.
  • Microwave beams and fields from appliances and mobile phones.
  • WI/FI emissions.
  • Dissolves Imprints from previous occupants emotional distress.
  • HAARP Beams.
  • Personal Beams.
  • Radio Frequency fields from mobile phone towers.
  • All sources of artificial heat which normally produce a sickly Positive Ion resonance of heated and cooled air such as oil, gas and reverse cycle air conditioning.
  • Noxious resonance caused by mould and fungi that may be present under floor boards or old carpets.
  • Digital TV’s.
  • Harmonisers entire building and surrounding gardens and water in pools, ponds etc.

GDV Kirlian Photography Testing

Orgone Effects Australia now has a GDV Kirlian Photograph camera.  This equipment demonstrates exactly how the Orgone products have positive effects on our health and wellbeing.

The image on the left is taken with no Orgone protection and the image on the  right depicts the beneficial effect of the Geoclense on the human energy field.

These images were taken by an independent operator who was amazed at the performance of the Geoclense, as they had never before seen an energy tool which demonstrated such beneficial effects.

How to use the Geoclense 6 Pin Powerboard

To activate the Powerboard simply plug it into a central power point and turn the switch on. Geoclense does not use any power. It is ideal for any home with limited power points, just plug it in and you are looking after yourself and everyone around you.


“I have had a Geoclense for a while now and I have become accustomed to the improved energy in my house, so I was shocked when the Geoclense was recently unplugged. I could feel the energy drop and I felt a heaviness – subtle but not pleasant. I couldn’t wait to get it plugged back in again. I can feel the extent of the extra energy from the Geoclense outside my house and even in the street – I know where it stops as I start to feel that heaviness again. It’s interesting that visitors to my home often comment that my house has a nice ‘feel’ to it, or that it has good energy, so I know that others are noticing the effects of the Geoclense too.”

Jenner, Theta Healer, Mt Martha

Since having had my house cleansed with the Geoclense installed in the electrical circuit, I have been waking up feeling awake for the first time in my life (55 years of waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed is a good point of reference.”

Dr Jessica Read


Orgone 6 Pin Powerboard Harmoniser
Using the same technology as the Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser, the Powerboard is great for anyone who has limited power points in their home.

In stock now. Available for immediate shipment.

Price: $150.00