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California’s Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan Approved

ALERT:   CPUC Passes SDG&E / SCE Opt-out Plans. 19th April 2012. Today, the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) unanimously passed both San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison opt-out proposals for the utilities’ embattled RF-radiation emitting smart meters. This will impact Southern California customers of SDG&E and SCE, two of the state’s three largest independently operated utilities. Residential customers of both utilities may now officially request that the smart meters be removed from their residences.  Edison indicates 28,000 have indicated an interest in opting out, and SDG&E has gone from an estimate of around a hundred to 3,000, to date.  We think if the public understood the health, safety, privacy, or security issues better, and there was not a fee, close to 100% would opt-out.

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Latest Mobile Phone Research

Much has been said over the last days about the hazards of using mobile phones.  It is always great when discussion is opened up on this topic as no matter where you stand it gets everyone thinking about it.  More and more research is finding there is a cause for concern around  the dangers of mobile phones use. We have found that when awareness is raised around this topic we have more visits to this website.  It is exciting to note the different people who are interested in protecting themselves, their staff and their family.    They come from all walks of life, the country, business, mothers and a few kids who want their dads to be protected as “he is always on the mobile phone”. I think it is true, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg around the harmful effects of mobile phone use.  It is just great to know that people are out there continuing dedicated research to help all of us. It is not for us to simply exist in the 21st century but to live with awareness  and take responsibility for the decisions we make for the future of our children and the planet.

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